Cristiano Gallian

Cristiano Gallian is originally from Italy he was born in Monselice a little city in Veneto Region. He starts as a professional in 1999. He Studied Musicologia e storia della musica at Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna. Also he studied and attended stages with: Tomaso Lama (jazz great), Jim Kelly, Mark White & Matt Marvuglio (Berklee College of Music, Boston), Marty Friedman, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale. He worked in studio and live with: Rosalia Misseri (Notre Dame de Paris, Lucio Dalla’s Tosca Amore Disperato), Piero Odorici (sax with Joe Lovano, Steve Gadd), Rogério Dentello (guitarist with Irio De Paula), Cheryl Porter (soul singer), Hilda Lizarazu, Emanuela Cortesi (vocalist with Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini), Marco Siniscalco (Baglioni, Morandi), Claudio Cuseri (Drummer) and others.

Cristiano GallianSome of his most important studio works include:cds and soundtracks publications for Auand Records (distributed by Philips), winner of the “Emergenza Chitarre” contest for well-known guitar magazine “Chitarre”, publication of the piece “Volvendo al Sur” in worldwide distributed compilation “Café del Mar”, release Dec. 2007 cd “Note di Viaggio” by Sandro Crippa (AM production), and participation as a session man in many discographic productions. He was demonstrator for Digidesign in the “Pro Tools HD Digi002″ tour in 2002 and he worked as a tournist with Cat Sound Studio in Badia Polesine – Rovigo, Italy.

He traveled widely in Europe and other continents and he held many concerts and stages in the principal cities of Italy and: France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany,Poland, Thailand, China, Kenya,Burundi, Australia and Cuba. Some of the most significant events and most important places where he had the chance to play: “International Children’s Art Festival of Tijanjin” (Beijing) edition 2004-2009, worldwide live broadcast from Bern (Switzerland) in Grosse Allmend at the presence of the Holy Father John Paul II (06/06/2004), Sydney Entertainment Centre, Hordern Pavilion (Fox Studios Sydney), Theatre Terry (Cienfuegos Cuba), Theatre Mella (Ciudad de La Habana Cuba) the prestigious Euromeet Jazz Festival 2000 in Treviso – Italy, participation in April 2005 in a television program broadcasted by number one Italian television channel Rai Uno with Italian singer Ivana Spagna, “Voglio svegliare l’Aurora” acoustic concert in the famous Dome of Milan on 06/27/2005, stage-concert in the “House of Music” (among the most important European structures) in Oporto (Portugal) during the European Music Day 2005, “Au Coeurs de Racines et des Hommes” exhibition in Tarascon sur Ariège (France), broadcasted live by national television channel France 2 , Marien Platz (Munich – Germany), ABAC University (Bangkok), “International Meeting of Mekong River” in Bangkok on 07/10/05, “Concert for Peace” in Trinity Hall (Bangkok),here where he first met his wife (she is original from Thailand) later they have got married in 2011 in Florence Italy.

11080520_10205096892375307_884024042129198975_oFrom 2004 – 2015, he is on tour with International Performing Arts Group Gen Rosso. In May 2007 he is on worldwide live broadcast from Mazda Palace in Torino – Italy with “Zenit World Tour” in different places; Italian Embassy in Beijing (China), and in Millenium Hall (Beijing). Three on the Bund (Shangai), Carnivore Gardens (Nairobi), Ecole Internationale de Bujumbura (Burundi),”Zenit” concert during the exhibition “Estate al Colle” in Arona – Italy (along with many other important Italian artists), San Benedetto Acoustic Guitar Festival 2009 (Mn-Italy), Teatro Verdi (Florence), Palaolimpico (Turin).

November 16th /17th 2007 he performs in Municipal Theater of Casale Monferrato the show “Una città che ti assomiglia” featuring Fabrizio Bucci (actor), Eleonora Mazzoni (actress), Rosalia Misseri (singer), Chiara Grillo (singer/songwriter) and Iacopo Bettinotti (singer/songwriter) directed by Giovanni Scifoni.

concert-voi-volete-molto-di-piu-14-10-2016-11From January 2006 he starts his activity in Loungeroom Studio (Project in Music), in which he works as an arranger- producer and collaborate with many musician and artists all over Italy: the album “Esperanto!” by singer Marco Baxa (Sanremo Giovani) has been published and many more.
His recently CDs was published in 2011 ” Blue Butterfly” and in 2013 ” Contemporary Colors” all track have been composed & arranged by himself.


In November 2016 , he had been tour in Thailand & Singapore, and in 2017 he has been performed at NAMMSHOW2017  Los Angeles.

He is Endorser by ; Acoustic guitars maker “LIUTERIA ALBERTO BONAFINI”, OPTIMASTRINGS, “ACUS Sound Engineering Amplifier” , “ARAMINI Strumenti Musicali “, Handcrafed picks “ESSETIPICKS”, G7th Capo Company”.








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